The first product that needs to be innovated is the individual’s own self, life and career. That’s why we all need personal innovation in our lives.

Personal innovation, is an individual looking at his/her life as a whole every day and aim to repeat personal growth procedure every moment in order to be better, more successful and happier. Personal innovation is an approach where development and change become a habit and spread into the life of the individual. The first phase of personal innovation consists of 4 steps. First, the individual explores himself/herself and purpose of life, Start to Create a New You! Inspiration and Determining Goals. Then, the individual faces their abilities and what needs developing and explores how to use them throughout the procedure of “Creating A New You”, Face Yourself! Identification – Observing. In the third step, which is Execute the Action Plan!, the individual executes the action plan to “Create A New You” and continues to follow the plan. Finally, the individual gains the habit to “Create A New You”, A New You Habit! Repetition.