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Şermin Yılmaz Çotuk

Meditation and Aromatherapy
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I, Sermin Yilmaz, am a meditation teacher and aromatherapist sharing my own life experiences through a combined approach of meditation and aromatherapy for wellbeing.


In my professional life, I have worked in fields of training, recruitment, people development and HR and held a CHRO position. My experiences cover a wide range of industries like IT, insurance, real estate, tourism and telecommunication at national and multinational companies. Along with my professional life, I completed my PhD on women studies and have held meditation retreats, one-to-one sessions and continued my studies on aromatherapy. I’ve been practicing meditation since childhood. Throughout my life, I was devoted to healing myself and so I have taken a personal path in Reiki, aromatherapy, EFT, breathing techniques, ACIM (A Course in Miracles), I-Ching, Feng Shui, face yoga and many other healing practices. And I made all these practices a part of my daily life.

Daily practice transformed into a life style in meditation and aromatherapy and shaped my career goals and I started to provide retreats and one-to-one sessions.  


My experiences in these practices along the years, resulted in four books, “Fikir Satıcısı”, “Her Gün Yeni Bir Ben”, “Ask-ı Can” and “Günes Sarısı”, which focus on awareness and self-healing.


My workshops, retreats and sessions are the culmination of everything I’ve learnt and experienced in my own life as a practitioner, a teacher, a guide and a woman.


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